Monday, August 31, 2009

R & R

Oh, yes, a little rest and recuperation are good. I just drove back from Rehoboth Beach, DE and the body is feeling re-energized to race again. Not only did I take this past weekend off from racing, but I also took off last weekend, too...yes, two weeks off from racing for me. I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. Don't think for a minute, though, that I have not been riding. I actually did a 20 + hour week of riding this past week in preparation for Shenandoah, so the legs are feeling good.

In addition to my many hours of riding this past week, I also spent the past few days swimming for about an hour a day in the ruff surf created by Tropical Storm Danny. At one point, I decided to ride one of the big waves back onto the beach, only to be body slammed by this huge monster into the shore. I have a nice scuff on my nose to prove it. I actually thought the big wave snapped my neck when I hit the ocean floor. One day I will learn to not mess with Mother Nature, but probably not any day soon.

I took my single speed cross bike to the beach because there is less on it for the salt and sand to destroy. I found some cool trails and some nice roads to ride in Rehoboth. Additionally, I also had a chance to practice my cx sand pit skills...maybe a little too much. More than a few of the trails I found turned into deep and soft pits of sand. With the big gear I had on my bike, it was mostly impossible to ride this stuff, but it sure was fun trying. And, if I couldn't ride it, I would just run it, since I was in cyclocross mode anyway. The picture above was from a trail that lead to a large sand dune. I ended-up running with my bike for about a mile up and down this thing to find a trail that I could ride on again. The best part was that I actually had to run because I was being chased by a swarm of biting sand flies for the whole mile.

Well, now for the big news, if you haven't heard it already....I am NOT using a SINGLE SPEED for Shenandoah. I have decided to race a geared bike since I have the NUE Series Singlespeed Win locked-up. I have done well at Shenandoah in the past with gears and would like to try for another good overall finish there. I think only having one gear at Shenandoah would make it a lot tougher to do well overall, so gears it is for me. I also think it will make the battle for second overall in the singlespeed series a little more interesting to watch. So, Matt, Gunnar and Roger, you will need to have your fun without me....Good Luck to you all and may the best man win!

One last note: I finally joined the rest of the modern world and put a profile on Facebook this week. If I haven't tracked you down by now, please send me a friend request, so I don't seem so pathetic and friendless.

See you all for some good suffering in about a week... Happy Trails, Gerry


Anonymous said...

What about Rich Dillen? Did he put the Pfear of Dicky in you, so you had to go back to the gearie class?

Gerry and Andy said...

Nah, no Pfear for Pfluger...I just want to go faster at this race than using one gear would allow. I have all of next year to do the singlespeed battle with Mr Dillen.