Monday, September 29, 2008

Sick as a DOG....

Last Tuesday I started feeling a little sick. Trying to deny my symptoms, I decided to do interval training with Brian W. at Mammoth Park. We usually have fun doing intervals there, as fun as doing hard intervals can be anyway. Brian being Brian beat me into a pulp during our pain session. Knowing that I was sick only made me seem like easy prey to him. Brian W. is one of the nicest guys in the world, but he will not hesitate to abuse any bike rider when he knows that he has the opportunity to take advantage of you. Needless to say, I felt much worse Wednesday Night at work and pretty much horrible at work the next morning. By Thursday Night, I was on my death bed and only wishing that death would come quickly and end this pain that I was experiencing. I took some Nyquil and went to bed early. I decided to take a sick day on Friday Morning because there was no way my body or brain, for that matter, wanted to do anything that required any effort.

With the second race of the Month of Mud coming up on Sunday, I was a little disappointed that I was feeling so sick. I knew, however, that I would race whether I was sick or not. The Month of Mud is a series and missing any race of the series means that contention in the series would be over for me. By Friday Afternoon, I started feeling like I felt like I had some energy in me again. I actually went on a very easy one hour ride. I then did the same thing on Saturday. By race day on Sunday, I felt like I was ready to go believe it or not. Not quite sure what I had and I certainly did not enjoy it, but whatever it was has seemed to pass. Hopefully that will be my only bout with sickness this coming winter.

I thought Sunday was going to be a very competitive battle between me and super fast single speed sensation Evan Perone. As it turned out, Evan was called to the starting line, but did not show. I guess he had a little too much fun in Vegas at the bike show. It made me happy knowing that I could ride hard with the expert riders, but not have to go crazy battling Evan, since I knew I was still recovering from illness. I used a 32x17 on my single speed at Brady's, but it was way too steep of a gear. It was good training for cyclocross, though, because I had to get off and run up the steeper climbs. I actually kind of enjoyed the running too. All in all, after being so sick at the end of the week I was very happy with my ride. I finished the race as the first single speeder and fifth overall.

This weekend is the third race of the MOM at Grove City. It is a cyclocross course, but on the jungle side of the world of cross. I still think it is a fun course and will absolutely be there on my single speed cross bike. Again, if you are anywhere near Western PA, come on out to do the race.
Speaking of Western PA Racing...Team Freddie FU is putting on a cyclocross race on 11/30/2008 in Murraysville. I am planning on doing this race also and hope that all the riders in the area that have any interest in cross whatsoever will also be out to enjoy the fun. If you do not know anything about the race yet, here is a link:

Well, that is enough from me. I don't want you spending too much time around me because my sickness might spread and it is also time to watch the Steelers beat the Ravens... After working 8 days straight, I actually get Tuesday and Wednesday off....lucky me. At least I will be able to recover from watching the game. See you Sunday.... Gerry

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